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What is a Post Mastectomy/Lumpectomy Camisole?

A post-surgical camisole, used after breast surgery, provides the support of a bra and pockets for lightweight breast prostheses. These camisoles come in a variety of sizes and materials and are specially constructed for the various needs of breast cancer survivors.

Camisoles can be used immediately after any breast surgery, including mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction. A camisole is a soft, stretchy garment that can be pulled up over the hips if raising the arms is difficult, attached pouches providing for post-surgical drains and non-weighted breast forms.

The typical mastectomy camisole is constructed with two pockets where breast forms can be placed. A lightweight, removable soft breast form can be placed into the pockets of the camisole. The breast forms included with the camisoles are non-weighted, and are used to create a natural profile and improve posture after surgery. The camisole provides support for the patient’s remaining breast and replaces a bra. A mastectomy camisole can be used after a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery or a lumpectomy.

Insurance May Cover Mastectomy Camisoles

Different styles of medical camisoles meet the specific needs of breast cancer survivors. Most insurance companies, including Medicare, will help you purchase your mastectomy camisoles. Most insurance companies will allow two to four camisoles during the recovery time immediately following your surgery. A prescription is required for any claims that are to be submitted to any insurance companies.

Before your surgery, be sure to call Jay Ann Intimates at Fox Chase Cancer Center at 215-728-2627 to schedule an appointment with one of the certified mastectomy fitters. Jay Ann Intimates is located in Boo’s Boutique in Robert C. Young, MD, Pavilion of the Women’s Center. You will be asked to bring any insurance cards, a photo identification and your prescription. Your fitter will measure you for the proper garment, explain care and usage of your camisoles and answer your insurance questions. We look forward to helping you at this challenging time.