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Targeted Treatment for In-Transit Melanoma and Extremity Sarcomas with Isolated Limb Infusion

  • In December 2012, I performed an Isolated Limb Infusion, making Fox Chase Cancer Center one of the few treatment centers in the country to offer this technique.

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    Metastatic melanoma and extremity sarcoma are some of the hardest cancers to treat. With Isolated Limb Infusion (ILI), the effects of chemotherapy can be concentrated regionally in one area, easing the strain and toxicity on the full body that can accompany standard chemotherapy.

    This procedure also allows a much higher concentration of the dose than a standard intravenous chemotherapy would permit. While the ILI procedure has a good success rate for patients with recurrent melanoma and sarcoma, the skilled team necessary to perform the procedure is rare enough to make it only available at a few centers in the United States.

    Learn more about Isolated Limb Infusion for In-Transit Melanoma and Extremity Sarcomas at Fox Chase Cancer Center.