ReproCELL, Joint Venture

Japan, India

REPROCELL, Ltd. and Fox Chase Cancer Center formed a joint venture to begin operations of multi-site biosample repositories globally. The new Delaware-based joint venture company, Biorepository LLC, will act as a hub to manage its global subsidiaries, and its first subsidiary (Fox Chase BioServe) was established in India in March, 2019.  Initial development is currently underway in Hyderabad, India, with plans to expand to multiple repository sites in India. The Hyderabad facility adds approximately 3,000 new bio-samples monthly. Specimens are collected using the highest United States regulatory standards, and supported by de-identified annotations that include medical history, mutation data, and detailed treatment records and outcomes.

About Our Partnership

  • Fox Chase and REPROCELL executed a Limited Liability Company Joint Venture Agreement to establish Biorepository, LLC, which purpose is to create one or more biosample repositories, and to subsequently license biological materials to third parties for research purposes.
  • Fox Chase and REPROCELL subsequently incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary in India named Fox Chase BioServe Pvt., Ltd. to establish a biosample repository in Hyderabad, India.

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