Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Center & Research Institute

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Delhi, India

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Center & Research Institute (RGCI) and Fox Chase Cancer Center established a relationship under which Fox Chase provides remote second reviews and treatment plans for RGCI patients requesting such services.  Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre is today counted amongst Asia’s premier cancer centers that offers the unique advantage of cutting edge technology put to use by renowned super specialists. RGCI has been ranked amongst the ten Best Oncology Hospitals of India and has received the prestigious award for Best Oncology Hospital in India at Healthcare Achievers’ Awards.

About Our Partnership

  • Physician Services Agreement.

  • RGCI gathers, organizes, and submits to Fox Chase all medical records, including diagnostic images, pathology slides and molecular diagnostic information. 
  • Fox Chase arranges appropriate oncologists, radiologists and pathologists as needed to review and formulate a recommended treatment plan.
  • In the event a patient wishes to be treated by Fox Chase, Fox Chase works directly with RGCI to ensure a smooth transition of care.

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