Language Services and Interpreters

Fox Chase provides interpretation services to non-English speaking patients as needed and free of charge. The goal of our interpreters is to ensure clear communication with your health care team.

Face-to-Face Interpreters

Interpreters are available 24/7 in 196 languages—including Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

Our institution has a department that works directly with our clinical staff to arrange interpreter services each day, every day.

Fox Chase offers language services to patients who prefer to receive their health care information in a language other than English. These services are at no cost and include:

  • Employees who speak many languages and are certified to act as medical interpreters
  • Professional medical interpreters, including American Sign Language interpreters
  • Video remote interpreters, especially for American Sign Language
  • Special telephones to connect you with a professional medical interpreter. These telephone units are available throughout all areas of our facility, including our satellite offices.
  • Translated vital documents

If you would like your health care information to be communicated to you in a language other than English, please inform our registration staff and remind your clinical team of your language preference.

Our interpreters assist you by:

  • Accompanying you during your appointments and making sure both you and your physicians understand each other
  • Helping you to schedule follow-up consultations and medical tests, when necessary
  • Assisting you in requesting medical reports and films after your visits
  • Protecting patient confidentiality

Language Line Services

Language phones are available in all areas where patient care is provided. This service provides access to an over-the-phone interpreter 24/7.

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