Financial and Billing Information

Financial considerations

Before your first appointment you will be provided with a cost estimate based on the treatment plan suggested by our physician. This will be discussed with you and your questions answered.

Hospital and physician charges may be listed separately. Payment of full tentative treatment cost is expected in advance of your travel. Final charges may vary from the original estimate therefore additional payments may be required.

For patients coming for assessment and treatment at FCCC

Your Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) patient services coordinator will guide you through the payment process. Please visit their website for more details.
More information related to PIM’s financial services

For patients requesting remote second reviews or clinical trials

FCCC’s international liaison will provide an invoice listing the scheduled services to you and the FCCC financial counselors.

Over-the-phone payments

Contact our financial counselors Michelle McHale (, phone #: 215-728-2678) or Norma Nieves-Reina (, phone #: 215-728-5709).

Wire transfers

For international wire transfers we will provide you with our bank information (Name, address, account number, and Swift number). Please make sure to include your full name and FCCC’s Medical Record Number.

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