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The Stress Management Program

Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Stress Management Program provides personal assessment and culturally sensitive, evidence-based treatments that enable people to make more adaptive and healthier choices in their efforts to cope with adversity. Stress Management Program components may include individual psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, group psychotherapy, as well as medication management.

Cancer-related stress can be overwhelming

A cancer diagnosis can often present new experiences and new challenges for you and your loved ones. Having to handle many different and ever-changing demands can be overwhelming emotionally and greatly reduce your quality of life.

Reduce your stress and enhance your quality of life

Our stress management team is experienced in treating the psychological symptoms often reported by cancer patients, which can include depression, anxiety, irritability, extreme fatigue, difficulty sleeping, impaired concentration, lack of interest or decreased ability to experience joy, and difficulties with substance use.

Let us Design a Stress Management Program for You

Individually tailored programs may include the medical management of symptoms related to depression or anxiety, brief cognitive-behavioral therapy to fine-tune or add new coping strategies to your “tool bag,” and instruction in simple stress management and relaxation techniques.

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