Nina Burbure, MD, PhD

Dr. Nina Burbure
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Assistant Professor, Deparment of Radiation Oncology


  • Radiation Oncology

Clinical Locations

  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
    333 Cottman Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19111
    Phone: 888-369-2427
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center at Temple University Hospital
    3401 N. Broad Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19140
    Phone: 800-836-7536

Educational Background

  • Resident, Radiation Oncology, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, 2018-present
  • Internal Medicine Internship, Temple University Hospital, 2017-2018
  • Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA, MD, 2013-2017
  • Material Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, 2004-2009
  • BS in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2000-2004


  • American Board of Radiology - Radiation Oncology

Selected Publications

Burbure N, Handorf E, Ridge JA, Bauman J, Liu JC, Giri, A, Galloway TJ. Prognostic Significance of Human Papillomavirus Status and Treatment Modality in Hypopharyngeal Cancer. HeadNeck 43: 3042-3052 (2021). 

Paly JJ, Egleston BL, Wong JK, Burbure N, Sobczak ML, Hayes SB, Chen DYT, Horwitz EM, Hallman, MA. Patient-reported Quality of Life after SBRT, LDR and HDR Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer: A Comparison of Outcomes. Am J Clin Oncol 44: 131-136 (2021). 

Burbure N, Lebwohl B, Arguelles-Grande C, Green PH, Bhagat G, Lagana S. Olmesartan-associated Sprue-like Enteropathy: A Systematic Review with Emphasis on Histopathology. HumanPathology50: 127-34 (2016). 

Burbure NV, Salvador PA, Rohrer GS. Photochemical Reactivity of Titania Films on BaTiO3Substrates: Influence of Titania Phase and Orientation. Chemistry of Materials 22: 5831-5837 (2010). 

Burbure NV, Salvador PA, Rohrer GS. Photochemical Reactivity of Titania Films on BaTiO3Substrates: Origin of Spatial Selectivity. Chemistry of Materials 22: 5823-5830 (2010). 

Burbure NV, Salvador PA, Rohrer GS. Orientation and Phase Relationships between Titania films and Polycrystalline BaTiO3 Substrates as Determined by Electron Backscatter Diffraction Mapping. Journal of the American Ceramic Society 93: 2530-2533 (2010). 

Bhardwaj A, Burbure NV, Gamalski A, Rohrer GS. Composition Dependence of the Photochemical Reduction of Ag by Ba1-xSrxTiO3. Chemistry of Materials 22: 3527-3534 (2010). 

Bhardwaj A, Burbure NV, Rohrer GS. Enhanced Photochemical Reactivity at the Ferroelectric Phase Transition in Ba1-xSrxTiO3. Journal of the American Ceramic Society 93: 4129-4134 (2010). 

Burbure N, Rudawski NG, Jones KS. Effect of Oxide on Trench Edge Defect Formation in IonImplanted Silicon. Electrochemical and Solid State Letters 10: H184-H185 (2007). 

Burbure NV, Salvador PA, Rohrer GS. Influence of Dipolar Fields on the Photochemical Reactivity of Thin Titania Films on BaTiO3 Substrates. Journal of the American Ceramic Society 89: 2943-2945 (2006). 

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