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Beijing, China
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Fox Chase Cancer Center and MORE Health established a partnership that gives patients from across the world access to the nationally ranked physicians of Fox Chase Cancer Center through MORE Health’s Physician Collaboration Platform™.  MORE Health delivers a sophisticated version of medical second opinion for its patients through its collaborative diagnosis (Co-Diagnosis®) platform.  The Co-Diagnosis® service is delivered by a full-featured, intuitive and HIPAA-compliant online platform, which empowers physicians to efficiently deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan to patients in collaboration with their treating physicians in their home countries. This collaboration with MORE Health’s innovative platform allows Fox Chase to reach patients in any location at any time.

About our Partnership

  • Telehealth Master Service Agreement.
  • Fox Chase and MORE Health developed a second opinion process whereby:
    • More Health collects medical records, case history, test results and relevant images that are sent to Fox Chase.
    • Fox Chase identifies the most appropriate Fox Chase physician for each case and that physician works with the patient’s attending physician to develop a patient-centric diagnosis and treatment plan.
    • The patient’s attending physician delivers the diagnosis and treatment plan to the patient.
    • Fox Chase’s physician remains available for consultation for up to six months post diagnosis.

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