Michael Weaver, MD

Michael Weaver, MD
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Educational Background

  • Resident, Neurosurgery, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 2005
  • Fellow, Neuro-oncological Surgery, Boston Children's Hospital, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, 2004
  • MD, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 1998
  • BA, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, 1991


  • American Board of Neurological Surgery


  • American Medical Association
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons
  • Pennsylvania Neurosurgical Society
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Section on Tumors
  • American College of Surgeons
  • Association for Academic Surgeons
  • Pituitary Network Association
  • Society for Neuro-Oncology
  • Pennsylvania Medical Society
  • Philadelphia County Medical Society

Honors & Awards

Philadelphia Magazine Top Docs, 2016

Research Interests

  • Degenerative spine (complex spinal reconstruction)
  • Tumor
  • Vascular
  • Brain and spinal cord tumors
  • Skull base neurosurgery
  • Cerebrovascular neurosurgery (aneurysm and AVM)
  • Complex spinal instrumentation
  • Gamma Knife® radiosurgery

Selected Publications

25748048. Ventresca EM, Lecht S, Jakubowski P, Chiaverelli RA, Weaver M, Del Valle L, Ettinger K, Gincberg G, Priel A, Braiman A, Lazarovici P, Lelkes PI, Marcinkiewicz C, Association of p75(NTR) and a9ß1 integrin modulates NGF-dependent cellular responses. Cell Signal 27:6(1225-36)2015 Jun.

25204229. Merabova N, Sariyer IK, Saribas AS, Knezevic T, Gordon J, Turco MC, Rosati A, Weaver M, Landry J, Khalili K, WW domain of BAG3 is required for the induction of autophagy in glioma cells. J Cell Physiol 230:4(831-41)2015 Apr.

25844043. Pogoda K, Chin L, Georges PC, Byfield FJ, Bucki R, Kim R, Weaver M, Wells RG, Marcinkiewicz C, Janmey PA, Compression stiffening of brain and its effect on mechanosensing by glioma cells. New J Phys 16:(075002)2014 Jul.

23308224. Beltrami S, Branchetti E, Sariyer IK, Otte J, Weaver M, Gordon J, Neurofibromatosis type 2 tumor suppressor protein, NF2, induces proteasome-mediated degradation of JC virus T-antigen in human glioblastoma. PLoS One 8:1(e53447)2013.

22805173. Wang C, Manucha V, Faro S, Weaver M, Mukherjee AL, Fourth ventricular solitary fibrous tumor: a case report and review of the literature. J Med Case Rep 6:(205)2012 Jul 17.

22611032. Walsh EM, Kim R, Del Valle L, Weaver M, Sheffield J, Lazarovici P, Marcinkiewicz C, Importance of interaction between nerve growth factor and a9ß1 integrin in glial tumor angiogenesis. Neuro Oncol 14:7(890-901)2012 Jul.

22052333. Bookland MJ, Darbinian N, Weaver M, Amini S, Khalili K, Growth inhibition of malignant glioblastoma by DING protein. J Neurooncol 107:2(247-56)2012 Apr.

14649881. Weaver M, Laske DW, Transferrin receptor ligand-targeted toxin conjugate (Tf-CRM107) for therapy of malignant gliomas. J Neurooncol 65:1(3-13)2003 Oct.

12910255. Khalili K, Del Valle L, Otte J, Weaver M, Gordon J, Human neurotropic polyomavirus, JCV, and its role in carcinogenesis. Oncogene 22:33(5181-91)2003 Aug 11.

11969309. Weaver M, Leshley K, Sands H, Gritman KR, Legos JJ, Tuma RF, LEX032, a novel recombinant serpin, protects the brain after transient focal ischemia. Microvasc Res 63:3(327-34)2002 May.

Additional Publications