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Assistant Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology


  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Areas of Expertise

Melanoma, Head & Neck Cancer, Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer

Treatment Focus

  • Complex reconstruction for cancer defects, lymphatic reconstruction, Reconstructive microsurgery; breast reconstruction, including free tissue transfer (muscle-sparing TRAM, DIEP, latissimus dorsi, PAP, DUG) flaps; head and neck reconstruction; extremity reconstruction; complex abdominal wall reconstruction; complex chest wall reconstruction; melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer reconstruction; perineal reconstruction; soft tissue sarcoma reconstruction; lymphedema

Language(s) Other than English

  • Italian

Treatment Philosophy

Growing up I never thought I would be a physician. I was raised to think that I was going to be an accountant or a lawyer. In fact, my career started as an accountant with one of the largest firms in the world. I was happy, but not fulfilled – and at the time, I didn’t know why.

A few years into my journey through accounting, tragedy struck my family and I was introduced to the fragility of life and the world of cancer care. I found what was going to fulfill me in my career, and I would eventually welcome it as not just a career, but as part of my life.

I believe in the innate function and structure of the human body and the co-dependence of anatomy and physiology. One cannot be in balance without the other. If the anatomy is distorted, then the body will not function properly, and if the body is not functioning properly, its effects will be found in the anatomy.

As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I have the unique privilege of being able to operate from head to toe in order to restore the defects left by cancer and return the body to its natural state. This includes complex cancer reconstruction using microsurgery in bone, soft tissue, and lymphatic reconstruction.

Among many great qualities, I was drawn to Fox Chase because of their commitment to excellence and philosophy in serving the community. As one of the first cancer institutions in the country, Fox Chase has long fought the battle against cancer and remains steadfast in their resolve to win. I identify with that type of attitude because I desire to help patients win their own battle against cancer, and a big part of that is restoring to health the physical damage that cancer leaves behind.

Clinical Locations

  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
    333 Cottman Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19111
    Phone: 888-369-2427
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center Huntingdon Pike
    8 Huntingdon Pike
    Rockledge, PA 19046
    Phone: 888-369-2427
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center - Chestnut Hill
    8835 Germantown Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19118
    Phone: 888-369-2427

Educational Background

08/2009 - 05/2010 Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA, Pre-Medical Sciences
08/2011 - 06/2015 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Professional Experience
07/2015 - 06/2016 Clinical Research Fellow, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Pennsylvania
06/2016 – 06/2022 Resident Physician, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Pennsylvania
07/2021 – 06/2022 Fellow, Penn Cancer Care Center for Innovation (PC3I)
07/2022 – Current Microsurgery Fellow, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


2006-Present American Cancer Society
2011-Present American College of Osteopathic Surgeons
2011-Present Pennsylvania Medical Society
2011-Present American College of Physicians
2012-Present Phi Sigma Gamma - Member, National Medical Fraternity
2016-Present American Society of Plastic Surgeons
2022-Present American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, Candidate M

Honors & Awards

2009 Best Abstract Award, SJU Biology Symposium
2011 The Board of Trustees Merit Scholarship, PCOM
2013 Clarke, Aff, League Scholarship
2013 PCOM Foundation Scholarship
2013 Albert D’Alonzo, DO Memorial Fund Scholarship Recipient, PCOM
2014 Pennsylvania Medical Society AMES Scholarship
2014 Class of 1960 Scholarship, PCOM
2014 Dr. Thomas M. Rowland, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, PCOM
2014 Albert D’Alonzo, DO Memorial Fund Scholarship Recipient, PCOM

Research Interests

Utilizing technology-based platforms to improve delivery of patient care, Microsurgical Reconstruction, Facial Aesthetics and 3D imaging, 3D Printing, Post-bariatric body contouring, Breast Reconstruction and long-term follow-up, Therapeutic Device Improvements Using 3D Printing

Additional Publications

1. Ragan JM, Faber I, Quinn S, Tecce M. International Business and Economics Research Journal. 2004; 3(6): 69-78. “Collaborative Supply Chain Decision Support and Multi-Attribute Supply Chain Scenarios.” – Best Paper Award Recipient. European Applied Business Research Conference. Venice, Italy. 2004. http://www.cluteinstitute.com/ojs/index.php/IBER/article/view/3700/3744
2. Tecce, M.G., Basta, M.N., Shubinets, V., Lanni, M.A., Mirzabeigi, M.N., Cooney, L., Senapati, S., Haggerty, A.F., Weissler, J.M., Hernandez, J.A., Fischer, J.P. A risk model and cost analysis of post-operative incisional hernia following 2,145 open hysterectomies—Defining indications and opportunities for risk reduction. (2017) American Journal of Surgery, 213 (6), pp. 1083-1090.
3. Weissler, J.M., Lanni, M.A., Tecce, M.G., Carney, M.J., Shubinets, V., Fischer, J.P. Chemical component separation: a systematic review and meta-analysis of botulinum toxin for management of ventral hernia. (2017) Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, 51 (5), pp. 366-374.
4. Carney, M.J., Weissler, J.M., Fox, J.P., Tecce, M.G., Hsu, J.Y., Fischer, J.P. Trends in open abdominal surgery in the United States—Observations from 9,950,759 discharges using the 2009–2013 National Inpatient Sample (NIS) datasets. (2017) American Journal of Surgery, 214 (2), pp. 287-292.
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8. Shubinets, V., Fox, J.P., Tecce, M.G., Mirzabeigi, M.N., Lanni, M.A., Kelz, R.R., Dumon, K.R., Kovach, S.J., Fischer, J.P. Concurrent panniculectomy in the obese ventral hernia patient: Assessment of short-term complications, hernia recurrence, and healthcare utilization. (2017) Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, 70 (6), pp. 759-767.
9. Borab, Z.M., Shakir, S., Lanni, M.A., Tecce, M.G., MacDonald, J., Hope, W.W., Fischer, J.P. Does prophylactic mesh placement in elective, midline laparotomy reduce the incidence of incisional hernia? A systematic review and meta-analysis. (2017) Surgery (United States), 161 (4), pp. 1149-1163.
10. Momeni, A., Tecce, M.G., Lanni, M.A., Aggarwal, S., Pannucci, C., Kovach, S.J., Kanchwala, S.K., Wu, L.C., Serletti, J.M. Increased Lower Extremity Venous Stasis May Contribute to Deep Venous Thrombosis Formation after Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction - An Ultrasonographic Study. (2017) Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery, 33 (3), art. no. 160212, pp. 173-178.
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14. Plana NM, Shubinets VS, Tecce MG, Lin I, Chang B. Pollicization of Biphalangeal Index Finger for Type IV Thumb Hypoplasia: A Case Report Describing Preoperative Planning, Intraoperative Decision-Making, and Technical Modifications. 2018 Nov;13(6):NP20-NP26.
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