Michael Autieri, PhD

Michael Autieri, PhD

Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences

Professor and Director, Lemole Center for Integrated Lymphatic and Vascular Research

Professor, Center for Metabolic Disease Research, Lewis Katz School of Medicine

Educational Background

  • PhD, Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, PA

Research Interests

The long-term focus of our research program is the identification and characterization of proteins and pathways which play a role in regulation of vascular inflammation, with a current focus on the role of endogenous anti-inflammatory cytokines in this process.  We have two distinct, but related areas of investigation: 1- inhibition of vascular occlusive diseases such as atherosclerosis, restenosis, and allograft vasculopathy, and; 2- promotion of angiogenesis to treat peripheral vascular disease.  Currently, we are focusing on an endogenous anti-inflammatory cytokine termed IL-19 which: regulates macrophage polarity, macrophage and smooth muscle cell cholesterol homeostasis, smooth muscle and endothelial cell proliferation, and decreases inflammatory mRNA stability, suggesting that this cytokine may represent a therapeutic modality to treat vascular inflammatory diseases.

Additional Publications

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