Marc A. Ilies, PhD


Collaborating Member, Molecular Therapeutics Program

Associate Professor, Temple University School of Medicine

Research Program


Selected Publications

Z. Lu, Y. Yang, R. A. Covington, Y. Bi, T. Dürig, M. A. Ilies, Reza Fassihi, “Supersaturated controlled release matrix using amorphous dispersions of glipizide”, Int. J. Pharm., 511, 957–968 (2016).

S. Akocak, Md. R. Alam, A. M. Shabana, R. K. K. Sanku, D. Vullo, H. Thompson, E. R. Swenson, C. T. Supuran, M. A. Ilies “PEGylated Bis-Sulfonamide Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors Can Efficiently Control the Growth of Several Carbonic Anhydrase IX-Expressing Carcinomas”, J. Med. Chem., 59, 5077-88 (2016).

A. Kizewski, M. A. Ilies “Efficient and synergetic DNA delivery with pyridinium amphiphiles– gold nanoparticle composite systems having different packing parameters” Chem. Commun. 52, 60-63 (2016).

B. Draghici, M. A. Ilies “Synthetic nucleic acid delivery systems - present and perspectives”, J. Med. Chem., 58(10), 4091-4130 (2015).

V. D. Sharma, S. Akocak, M. A. Ilies, R. Fassihi “Solid state interactions at the core-coat interface: Physicochemical characterization of enteric-coated omeprazole pellets without a protective sub-coat”, AAPS PharmSciTech., 16, 934-943 (2015).

B. Draghici, D. Vullo, S. Akocak, E. A. Walker, C. T. Supuran, M. A. Ilies “Ethylene bisimidazoles are highly potent and selective activators for isozymes VA and VII of carbonic anhydrase, with potential nootropic effect”, Chem. Comm. 50, 5980-5983 (2014).

V. D. Sharma, J. Lees, N. E. Hoffman, E. Brailoiu, M. Muniswamy, S. L. Wunder, and M. A. Ilies “Modulation of pyridinium cationic lipid-DNA complex properties by pyridinium gemini surfactants and its impact on lipoplex transfection properties”, Mol. Pharm., 11 (2), 545–559 (2014)

M. A. Ilies, “New synthetic strategies for the management of Chagas’ disease (American trypanosomiasis)”, J. Med. Chem. 57 (2), 296–297 (2014).

S. Savarala, E. Brailoiu, S. L. Wunder, and M. A. Ilies, “Tuning the self-assembling of pyridinium cationic lipids for efficient gene delivery into neuronal cells” – Biomacromolecules, 14, 2750-2764 (2013).

V. D. Sharma, E. O. Aifuwa, P. A. Heiney, M. A. Ilies, “Interfacial engineering of pyridinium gemini surfactants for the generation of synthetic transfection systems”, Biomaterials, 34, 6906-6921 (2013).

X. Zhu, V. D. Sharma, M. Fryd, M. A. Ilies, B.B. Wayland, “Lipase Catalyzed Degradation of Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Micelles: Interfacial Activation Model”, Polymer, 54, 2879-2886 (2013).

B. Tangeysh, M. Fryd, M. A. Ilies, B. B. Wayland, “Palladium Metal Nanoparticle Size Control through Ion Paired Structures of [PdCl4] -2 with Protonated PDMAEMA”, Chem. Commun. 48, 8955- 8957 (2012).

V. D. Sharma, M. A. Ilies, "Heterocyclic Cationic Gemini Surfactants: A Comparative Overview of their Synthesis, Self-assembling, Physicochemical and Biological Properties", Medicinal Research Reviews, 2014, 34, 1-44 (published online doi: 10.1002/med.21272).

X. Zhu, M. Fryd, B. D. Tran, M. A. Ilies, B. Wayland, “Modifying the Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Interface of PEG-b-PCL to Increase Micelle Stability: Preparation of PEG-b-PBO-b-PCL Triblock Copolymers, Micelle Formation and Hydrolysis Kinetics”, Macromolecules, 45, 660-665 (2012).

V. V. Shuvaev, M. A. Ilies, E. Simone, S. Zaitsev, Y. Kim, S. Cai, A. Mahmud, T. Dziubla, S. Muro, D. E. Discher, V. R. Muzykantov “Endothelial targeting of antibody-decorated polymeric filomicelles”, ACS Nano, 5, 6991-6999 (2011).

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