John M. Taylor, PhD

Dr. John Taylor

Professor Emeritus

Host mRNAs changes caused by HDV


Education and Training

Educational Background

  • PhD, Cell Biology, University of Toronto, Canada, 1968
  • MSc, Nuclear Physics, University of Melbourne, Victoria Australia
  • BSc, Physics, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


  • American Academy of Microbiology

Honors & Awards

  • Senior Dernham Fellowship, American Cancer Society, California Division, 1971-1974
  • Senior Award, Fulbright-Hays Program, 1970-1973
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Australian Research Grants Committee, 1968-1970
  • Commonwealth Postgraduate Scholarship, Australia, 1962-1964
  • Canadian Award, Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, 1964-1968
  • Junior Fellow, Massey College, Toronto, Canada  1964-1966
Research Profile

Research Interests

While my lab is now closed, my research interests continue to follow into hepatitis delta virus and its helper, hepatitis B virus.


Selected Publications

Taylor, J.M., Hepatitis delta virus, in Encyclopedia of the Life Sciences, Elsevier, 2015.

Taylor, J.M., Hepatitis delta virus, in Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences, Caplan, M., editor-in-chief, Elsevier Press, 2015.

Taylor, J.M. HDV replication, in The Hepatitis B and Delta Viruses, Seeger, C. and Locarnini, S., eds., Cold Spring Harbor Press, 2015, pp. 315-327.

Taylor, J.M. Host RNA circles and an examination of their relevance to the origin and replication of hepatitis delta virus. World J. Gastroenterology 20: 2971-2977, 2014. PubMed

Giersch, K., Helbig, M., Volz, T., Allweiss, L., Lohse, A.W., Pollok, J., Petersen, J., Taylor, J., Dandri, M., Lutgehetmann, M. Persistent hepatitis D virus mono-infection in humanized mice is efficiently converted by hepatitis B virus to a productive co-infection. J. Hepatol. 60: 538-544, 2014. PubMed

Taylor, J.M. Virus entry mediated by hepatitis B virus envelope proteins. World J. Gastroenterology, 19: 6730-6734, 2013. PubMed

Taylor, J.M., Farci, P., Purcell, R.H. Hepatitis delta virus. In Fields Virology, edition 6, eds. Knipe and Howley, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, pp. 2222-2241, 2013. 

Taylor, J.M. Virology of hepatitis D virus. Semin. Liv. Dis. 32: 195-200, 2012. PubMed

Additional Publications


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