A half body photo of a well dressed man, smiling at the camera as he leans against the wall.

Novel Study for Men with Newly-Diagnosed Prostate Cancer

  • Investigators at Fox Chase Cancer Center have a new study available for men with a recent diagnosis of localized prostate cancer (meaning the cancer is contained in the prostate and has not spread). There are a variety of treatment options available for these men including surgery, radiation or active surveillance which is sometimes called “watchful waiting” (i.e. close monitoring to see if the cancer progresses). Each of these treatments may have an impact on an individual’s quality of life.

    A half body photo of a well dressed man, smiling at the camera as he leans against the wall.

    The right treatment for prostate cancer depends on the stage of cancer, the patient’s current medical condition and prior medical history along with the individual’s personal values. When patients meet with their physicians, the discussion of potential treatment options will include all of those important aspects.

    This research study is focused on helping men to make the best decision about their prostate cancer treatment. The goal of this study is to help each patient feel more prepared to talk to his doctor about the treatment decision that that is best for him. In this study, patients are “randomized” into one of the research study groups described below. Randomization means that a patient is  put into a group by chance. Neither the patient nor the research staff can choose the selected group. Patients have an equal chance of being placed in either group.

    1. “Usual care” in which the patient will meet with you doctor as scheduled, or

    2. “Usual care” and a decision aid. This computer based decision aid asks a series of questions about patients’ concerns about potential cancer treatments and their side effects. The goal of this decision aid is to help each patient clarify values and concerns related to prostate cancer treatment. Each patient will be given a copy of their results, which include which aspects of prostate cancer treatment are most important based on individual patient preferences. Men can use this information to guide their  discussions with their doctors.

    Participants will complete five questionnaires over a two year period. They will be given a gift card for their time and effort. Men who are assigned to the decision aid will review it just before their appointment with a Fox Chase Cancer Center physician. This should take about 20 minutes to complete.

    For more information about the study or to learn about eligibility, please call 215-214-3734, 215-214-1496 or email Bianca.Lewis@fccc.edu.