Operation Jimbo Claus Arrives at Fox Chase

  • When Brian McShane started Jimbo’s Squad, his goal was to provide comfort for patients treated at Fox Chase Cancer Center and their families. This Christmas, he did just that by distributing performance pullover sweatshirts and hats to patients.

    One of the Squad’s most popular annual traditions is called “Operation Jimbo Claus,” in which they arrives at the main entrance of Fox Chase with hot coffee, donuts and gifts for patients. This year, Jimbo’s Squad showed up on December 23, offering sweatshirts and hats, embroidered with the words, “Warmth provided by Jimbo’s Squad.” The entire McShane family, along with their staff’s families, get in the act.

    “We bring our children along to special events like this because they learn a very important lesson and it’s a terrific tribute to their grandfather, who they never met,” shared Brian.

    “I was so touched by the kindness of this family,” explained Maria, a patient at Fox Chase who received a hoodie and hat. Another patient was greatly impressed by the boys.

    “They were so mature as they approached me to offer me a gift,” said Liam Hopwood, who noted that they were very respectful. “I offered them money, but they refused. They said it was their gift to me.”