Benxi Central Hospital

Benxi, China

Benxi Central Hospital and Fox Chase formed a broad affiliation in which Fox Chase provided training, conducted annual departmental quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) reviews, and participated in remote second opinions and physician-to-physician collaborations.  Benxi Central Hospital is a top ranked comprehensive hospital in the Northeast of China (Liaodong area) that provides clinical care, education, research, rehabilitation, disease control, and occupational disease prevention and control.  Benxi Central Hospital is affiliated with China Medical University and is a training base for China Medical University clinical postgraduates.

About Our Partnership

  • Affiliation and Collaboration Agreement.
  • Under this Agreement, Fox Chase:
    • Sent clinical and management experts each year to perform annual QA/QC reviews.
    • Provided clinical and research training of Benxi Central Hospital physicians at Fox Chase in the areas of endoscopy, fine needle aspiration, pathology, cytopathology, imaging, radiotherapy, genomics, proteomics, and GI surgery.

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