Affiliations with Russian Institutes

Moscow, Russia

Fox Chase Cancer Center began an innovative program to simultaneously address the need of Fox Chase for talented researchers and the intrinsic desire of international students for advanced scientific training. Beginning with a first institutional partner, Russian State Medical University (RSMU) in Moscow, and subsequently expanding to include other partners throughout Russia, we have established a program of scientific exchange for enterprising Russian students to take advantage of the advanced technical and educational resources at Fox Chase. To date, over 70 Russian students have had some or all of their research training in Fox Chase laboratories. Upon their return to Russia, these students communicate their new expertise, and significantly enrich the intellectual atmosphere at their degree granting institutions. We view this program as an outstanding success, with a bright future.

About Our Partnership

  • Foundation of Sister Institution Program.
  • Student training in the United States.

For more information about this program contact Dr. Ilya Serebriiskii at

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