Benefits to Fox Chase Cancer Center Partners

Participation in Groundbreaking Clinical Research

Partners gain access to an increased number of national and Fox Chase investigator-initiated studies and trials. At any given time, hundreds of trials are taking place at Fox Chase. Patients have opportunities to participate in clinical trials utilizing a variety of new cancer treatments across all major cancer sites. There are also opportunities to participate in patient outcome studies.

Patient Referrals

Partner physicians can easily and directly refer patients to Fox Chase Cancer Center for more advanced cancer care or a second opinion. Care is coordinated by Fox Chase nurse navigators, who will facilitate streamlined access for patients being referred to the Center.

Continuing Education and Training Opportunities

Through Fox Chase, staff at Partner hospitals—including physicians, nurses and other health professionals—have access to cutting-edge research programs, as well as education and training opportunities.

Accreditation Assistance

Partners can depend on the guidance and experience of Fox Chase to help them meet the specific requirements for accreditation of their cancer care program.

Strategic Planning

Fox Chase offers Partners business and strategic planning for building an effective operational cancer program at their hospital location. We take a structured approach to defining critical factors, addressing challenges, outlining processes and identifying key drivers for success.

Quality Improvement with Benchmarking

Any successful cancer program demands continuous quality improvements. Fox Chase offers cancer program benchmarking so high-level cancer care is being consistently delivered to patients in Partner communities.

Business and Financial Planning Support

Fox Chase works with Partners in the business and financial planning of their cancer care program. Using statistics and data analyses as a foundation, our goal is to help ensure operational best practices and lead your program to financial sustainability.

Marketing Support

Fox Chase offers Partners numerous ongoing marketing initiatives designed to promote their cancer program affiliation with Fox Chase. Strategies employ a wide range of media, and Partners may participate in as many programs as they wish.

For more information about Fox Chase Cancer Center Partners, please call 215-728-4774.

Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants

Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants was established to make the experience of the Fox Chase team more widely available. The team includes oncologists, business strategists, clinical project managers, clinical research specialists, data analysts and marketing specialists.