Larry Golley Memorial Golf Tournament

Date & Time

Friday, May 17, 2019


Valleybrook Country Club
Blackwood, NJ

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Fox Chase Cancer Center patient Larry Golley was - above all else - a builder. On the course, he was an architect of swings, offering the gifts of his skill, talent - and an experienced eye - wisdom acquired and instincts developed over more than 50 years playing and teaching the game - and his philosophy of the character enriching aspects of golf - treasures which he offered freely to anyone who wished to have them.

His business was that of raising people up - after anger or substance abuse knocked them down - and then giving them to the tools to rebuild their lives in and around the principals and culture of peace and sobriety.

At home, he created a space where his family and closest friends could experience what it means to feel truly cherished.

And in the world - he forged relationships which represent trust, acceptance and a powerful bond - and that bond is why we're gathering.

The Larry Golley Memorial is our tribute to a legacy - a celebration of a lifetime of building miracles - we - the monuments he helped shape during his life - those - still standing here - bound by a genuine love for an extraordinary man - and in answer to his call to always take great care in shaping our miracles: The Monument Builders of Tomorrow.



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