10th Annual Inflammation and Signaling Symposium

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The event is free but registration is required. Please register by Friday, October 23.


On Friday, October 30, 2020, Fox Chase Cancer Center will host the 10th Annual Inflammation & Signaling Symposium. This all-day event promises a set of exciting, inter-related talks from some of the most promising junior and mid-career scientists in the areas of Inflammation & Immunity. The day's speakers are listed below in order of presentation time.

Please note: There will be a break from 1:00 to 2:00 pm EST.


  • Jorge Henao-Mejia, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, “RNA Regulation of Inflammation”
  • Donita Brady, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, “Copper is an Essential Regulator of the Autophagic Kinases ULK1/2 to Drive Lung Adenocarcinoma”
  • Alan Goodman, PhD, Washington State University, “Deciphering Host Responses to Reduce Vector-Borne Pathogenic Infections”
  • Maria Ciofani, PhD, Duke University, “Programming the Identity and Pathogenicity of RORgt+ Inflammatory Lymphocytes”
  • Daniel de Carvalho, PhD, University of Toronto, "Epigenetic Regulation of Endogenous Retroelements as an Emerging Vulnerability and Therapeutic Opportunity in Cancer”
  • Iliyan Iliev, PhD, Cornell University, “Gut Mycobiota Shapes Host Immunity and Inflammation”
  • Daniela Quail, PhD, McGill University, “Obesity-Associated Inflammation and Cancer Metastasis”
  • Matteo Porotto, PhD, Columbia University, “Mechanisms of Measles Central Nervous System Adaptation”
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