Patient and Family Activities & Accomplishments

One of the primary methods for PFAC members to contribute to improvements at Fox Chase Cancer Center is via projects where advisors are asked for the patient and family perspective. See the attached annual report that highlights some of the projects and activities that PFAC advisors have contributed to over the past year.

Annual Report 2024 [PDF]

Members of the PFAC serve on several hospital committees and provide a voice for patients and families. These liaisons bring important information back to the PFAC.

Committee Representation

  • Infection Control Committee
  • Patient Satisfaction Leadership Team
  • Performance Monitoring Committee
  • Patient Safety Committee
  • Medical Ethics Committee
  • Community Advisory Council
  • Health Literacy Committee
  • Hospital Association of PA/Hospital Engagement Network

Members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council participate in various initiatives, including patient, staff, and professional education and performance improvement and research projects. Members of the PFAC also sit on state-wide initiatives and are active members of the HAP Patient Engagement Advisory Council. Our PFAC story has been featured at the state and national level. For a more expanded list of PFAC activities, please refer to the PFAC Annual Report.