Patient and Family Activities & Accomplishments

One of the primary methods for PFAC members to contribute to improvements at Fox Chase Cancer Center is via projects where advisors are asked for the patient and family perspective. Some of the projects  and activities that PFAC advisors have contributed to over the past two years include:

  • Incorporating principles of patient- and family-centered care into monthly orientation for new employees and volunteers
  • Providing input for the inpatient handbook co-presenter at nursing and medical staff education sessions
  • Board of Directors Committee - Patient and Family Advisory Council presents to the Professional Affairs Committee of the Fox Chase Cancer Center Board of Directors on an annual basis.
  • PFAC website development
  • PFAC video creation and update
  • Family Surgical Waiting Area communication procedures
  • Handwashing improvement campaign
  • Patient portal
  • Research studies including “Caregiver Reactions in Oncology and Chronic Medical Illness" and using mobile text messages to enhance symptom management
  • New policy for patient/family activated rapid response team (Code H for Help)
  • Survivorship Clinic program
  • Linguistics and Cultural Services (interpreters and language assistance) program
  • “Know Yourself” Worksheet - preparing patients for initial visit with doctor
  • Music therapy program
  • PFAC Best Practice gap analysis
  • Inpatient menu selections
  • Infusion room renovation
  • Psychiatry services – enhancing communications

Members of the PFAC serve on several hospital committees and provide a voice for patients and families. These liaisons bring important information back to the PFAC.

Committee Representation

  • Infection Control Committee
  • Patient Satisfaction Leadership Team
  • Performance Monitoring Committee
  • Patient Safety Committee
  • Medical Ethics Committee
  • Community Advisory Council
  • Health Literacy Committee
  • Hospital Association of PA/Hospital Engagement Network

Members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council participate in various initiatives, including patient, staff, and professional education and performance improvement and research projects. Members of the PFAC also sit on state-wide initiatives and are active members of the HAP Patient Engagement Advisory Council. Our PFAC story has been featured at the state and national level. For a more expanded list of PFAC activities, please refer to the PFAC Annual Report. 

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