Chang’An Hospital

Xi’An, China

Chang’An Hospital and Fox Chase Cancer Center established collaboration under which a cancer center of international standards would be established in Xi’An, China.  Chang’An Hospital is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Xi’an and is a top-tiered comprehensive hospital with clinical care, scientific research, and education.  The hospital has >1000 beds and specializes in oncology, general surgery, gastroenterology, psychology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, cardiovascular medicine, and neurosurgery.

About our Partnership

  • Affiliation and Collaboration Agreement.
  • Under this Agreement, Fox Chase:
    • Provided technical, scientific and management support.
    • Sent clinical and management experts to perform annual quality assurance and quality control reviews.
    • Provided clinical and research training.
    • Worked with Chang’An Hospital to develop clinical and pre-clinical collaborative research projects.
    • Worked with Chang’An Hospital to establish a Prostate and Breast Cancer Center in Xi’An.

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