April 1, 2020
The Benefits of Keeping a Daily Routine During Uncertain Times
During times of uncertainty, there are a lot of things we can’t control, and this feeling can have negative psychological and physical effects on our life. For those facing a cancer diagnosis or going through active treatment during times of uncertainty,... read more
January 22, 2020
Life After Cancer: Looking Back—and Moving Forward
Finishing treatment for cancer marks the end of what might have been one of the hardest chapters of your life. It’s also the start of something entirely new—and for some, that takes some getting used to. Completing your cancer journey can bring a wave of... read more
January 22, 2020
Tips for Coping with the Uncertainty of Cancer
When it comes to cancer, the only real guarantees are there aren’t any. Cancer journeys are full of uncertainties, and it’s easy for all of those “what-ifs” to take a toll on your mental health. But it doesn’t have to be that way. No doubt—the big... read more
December 20, 2019
Coping with Cancer Side Effects This Holiday Season
The holidays, along with their related celebrations and must-do lists, can overwhelm anyone. But, when you’re undergoing cancer treatment, this time of year can be especially draining. Planning ahead and staying flexible can help keep your days merry and... read more
December 17, 2019
How Mindfulness Can Help You Cope With Cancer
Getting diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment can bring on an avalanche of emotions. Mindfulness is a way to help deal with those feelings and keep them from spiraling out of control. But what is mindfulness? It’s simply slowing down and paying... read more
October 11, 2019
Support Services for Patients and Their Families
When it comes to cancer care, you’re more than just your body. The disease can come with complex emotions that stem from the stress of navigating treatment, the toll it takes on your body, and the adjustment to a new normal after treatment is over. Social... read more