Thyroid Cancer Support & Survivorship

Fox Chase Cancer Center is a national leader in the movement toward better survivorship care. We understand that survivors of head and neck cancer face unique, ongoing challenges, and we offer a number of programs and services to help them cope with the impact of cancer, including a dedicated center for voice, airway and swallowing.

Patient and Family Support

We understand that cancer care can affect the whole family. We offer an array of support services for patients and their families. This includes individualized care to manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment, as well as case management, social work services, support groups and access to the Fox Chase Resource and Education Center. Learn more.

Pain Management              

If cancer treatment causes pain that affects your recovery, rehabilitation or quality of life, pain specialists at the Fox Chase Pain and Palliative Care Program can provide strategies and support to safely and effectively relieve your pain and discomfort. Learn more.

Integrative Care

To support a holistic approach to healing and wellness, the Fox Chase Integrative Care Program offers evidence-based techniques and therapies that promote healing of the body and mind. These include yoga classes, Reiki sessions, music therapy and stress management. These healing practices have been shown to help relieve the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment; ease pain, fatigue and anxiety; and improve mood. Learn more.

Follow-up Surveillance

Because a diagnosis of thyroid cancer puts you at greater risk of developing other head and neck cancers, your doctors will want to follow you closely to check for any signs of recurrence. Your schedule of follow-up screenings will depend on the type, grade and stage of your thyroid cancer. It is important to stay up to date with these appointments. Learn more.

Survivor Clinics

To address the unique health care needs of patients who have completed cancer treatment, Fox Chase offers wellness education, screening and ongoing health care through our Survivor Clinics. Under the guidance of the doctor who treated you for thyroid cancer, the Survivor Clinic care team offers a broad range of services to deal with the lasting effects of cancer and cancer treatment, and provide long-term medical follow up. Services include specialized medical care, genetic counseling and testing, psychiatric services, nutritional support and preventive care to improve your future health and quality of life. Learn more.

Voice, Airway and Swallowing Center 

The thyroid gland is located very close to the “voice box” (larynx) in the neck. Because of this, thyroid cancer and its treatment can sometimes affect the voice box. Fox Chase Cancer Center offers the highest degree of specialization diagnosing and treating disorders of the larynx, or voice box.

Our multidisciplinary team of academic clinicians is nationally renowned for contributing to the current standard of treatment for airway, speech and swallowing disorders. At Fox Chase, a speech pathologist and laryngologist (doctor specializing in the voice box) evaluate patients together using advanced diagnostic tools and provide the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments so patients can  resume important everyday activities related to speaking and eating. Learn more.