Diagnosis of Brain and Spinal Tumors

Accurate diagnosis is essential to choosing the best treatment for your type and stage of primary brain or spinal cancer. Most tumors of the central nervous system are diagnosed when a patient seeks medical attention as a result of new or concerning symptoms. Typically, diagnosis involves a combination of a medical history, physical exam and advanced imaging techniques to assess the location and size of tumors.

When it is safe to do so, surgery is recommended to obtain a sample of the tumor to make a definitive diagnosis. Other studies may be needed to help assess symptom severity and subtle changes in neurologic function that may not be obvious to the patient. We work with multidisciplinary specialists in neuro-ophthalmology, neurology, endocrinology, neuropsychiatry, medical oncology, pain and palliative medicine, nuclear medicine, neuro-radiology and others to provide this comprehensive care.

Fox Chase Cancer Center radiologists and pathologists specializing in brain and spinal tumors review all available diagnostic tests in order to make an informed diagnosis.