R. Hallock Williams, MD

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R. Hallock Williams, MD

Dr. Hallock Williams and his wife Janet, also a Fox Chase patient. Read Janet's story.

As a psychiatrist, Dr. R. Hallock Williams spends his days helping patients with mental illness. When he noticed his own medical issues cropping up, he called upon his doctor for help.

"I could have sought treatment anywhere, but I chose Fox Chase Cancer Center."

"In 2006, I began having urgency problems with urinating, so I went to my urologist. The results of testing confirmed that I had prostate cancer. Although I could have sought treatment anywhere, I chose Fox Chase Cancer Center. My wife, Janet, was treated there for pancreatic cancer. The doctors at Fox Chase saved her life," recalled Hal.

"I was so pleased with the level of care I received from Dr. Eric Horwitz."

Most patients with prostate cancer have a choice for treatment - radiation therapy or surgery. With the guidance of Fox Chase physicians, Hal chose radiation therapy. "I was so pleased with the level of care I received from Dr. Eric Horwitz at Fox Chase," explained Hal. "I was able to have treatment each morning and return to work the rest of the day." The treatment was successful and Hal's prostate cancer has not returned.

Unfortunately for Hal, his experience with Fox Chase did not end there. A year or so later, he noticed his fingernail was misshapen and began to ooze. "Because I had a history of a bony tumor (chondrosarcoma) years before, I called Fox Chase for an appointment with a dermatologist," said Hal.

"The staff at Fox Chase was so accommodating."

He continued, "The staff at Fox Chase was so accommodating. They were able to fit me in immediately. While Dr. Lessin determined the issue with my finger was not cancerous, he noticed a spot on my nose. He performed a biopsy, which turned out to be non-melanoma skin cancer."

Hal and his wife are extremely appreciative of the thoroughness of Fox Chase doctors. He concluded, "Today I am considered cancer-free and back to work. We are able to enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren. If it weren't for the doctors and nurses at Fox Chase, I'm not sure we'd be here today."