Womens Cancer Center at Fox Chase

The Women's Cancer Center at Fox Chase

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  • Let's be strong together. Please join us in our relentless pursuit to prevail over cancer for all women everywhere.


Schedule a Mammogram Today

In addition to a full range of treatment, full mammography services are always available at the Women's Cancer Center.
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The Region's First Women's Cancer Center
...only at Fox Chase Cancer Center

We Can Help

  • Prevention
    From mammography to PET/CT scan and MRI. We also offer risk assessmentif you have a family history
  • Diagnosis
    If you have not yet received a diagnosis, or need a second opinion, our Diagnostic Imaging team is one of the best and most experienced
  • Treatment
    If you have a diagnosis, we can evaluate your condition and determine the best course for you
  • Survivorship
    Your care does not end when you finish your cancer treatment. It just has a different focus.

The Women's Cancer Center builds on Fox Chase's world-renowned expertise in breast and gynecologic cancers.

The Center offers the best possible experience, physically and emotionally, for a woman faced with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Led by our expert faculty, all leaders in the field of women's cancers, the multidisciplinary program brings together a concentration of strengths in one central location.

Our Breast Evaluation Center is within feet of diagnosis and treatment areas for gynecological cancers. Surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists work side-by-side to create individualized comprehensive treatment plans for every patient.

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Nurse Navigators for Individualized Care

Nurse Navigator Jessia Schol (l) guides Breast Cancer patients through the process

The Women's Cancer Center strives for a full scope of women's cancer-related services, from risk assessment, screening and diagnostics, treatment, support, and survivorship.with a focus on wellness, stress reduction and quality of life.

Starting with a woman’s first call for an appointment, our staff works with her to ensure a coordinated, streamlined experience. 

Women who come to the Women's Cancer Center for treatment are offered individualized, compassionate care with a focus on wellness, stress reduction and quality of life and access to our full scope of research opportunities. A Nurse Navigator will help a woman find her way through the full range of services at Fox Chase Cancer Center,  from first appointment to treatment to follow-up services.

Meet Nurse Navigators Carol Cherry,  Nancy Nicoterra, and Jessie Schol.

The first visit includes a consultation with a team of specialists. If follow-up tests are necessary, we will make every effort to schedule them for the same day as this initial consultation. While the medical team discusses treatment options, a social worker will meet with the patient and her family to review support resources and logistics. In the end, everyone comes together to chart the best course of care.