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Stephanie Heart

When you think about melanoma and skin cancer, you generally don’t think about your toes. Neither did Stephanie.

However, when she noticed a sore on her toe that wasn’t going away, her dermatologist knew something was wrong and biopsied it. When her results showed melanoma, he immediately referred her to Fox Chase. Within a week, she was there for an appointment.

Stephanie’s oncologist took the time to explain her surprising diagnosis and walk her through her treatment options and next steps. Within a week, she was scheduled for surgery.

The melanoma was deep, and along with having her toe amputated, Stephanie also had lymph nodes removed to be biopsied. When the biopsy results showed microscopic cancer cells in her lymph nodes, she knew that her journey wasn’t over.

However, her treatment team already had a plan. She was started on an immunotherapy regimen with the goal of preventing any cancerous cells from growing or spreading. Now, years later, Stephanie has no evidence of disease and is living life to the fullest!

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When and where patients first seek treatment for cancer can make a big difference in recovery and survival. Patients choose Fox Chase for advanced treatments, highly experienced teams, and a reputation for bold discoveries in cancer care. As a nationally designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, we offer some of the most advanced treatments and specialists for your specific type of cancer. We are here to support you every step of the way – from detection through survivorship.

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