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Survivorship Treatment Team

Your doctor will remain your doctor throughout your treatment and survivorship care.  In addition, you may receive care from an Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) who works closely with your doctor.  APCs are a specially trained group of health professionals — both certified registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants — who provide quality medical care and treatment to patients, under the guidance of their supervising physicians.

APC Qualifications:

  • Have earned their master's degree.
  • Have been medically trained in oncology.
  • Have completed the healthcare professional training necessary to become either certified Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners.

APCs are responsible for:

  • Caring for patients receiving primary treatment, as well as those in the Survivor Clinic or receiving survivorship care.
  • Seeing survivors in the Survivor Clinic
  • Consulting with, or directly involves, your attending physician whenever necessary.
  • Ordering and interpreting blood work, diagnostic tests and radiologic scans.
  • Prescribing and adjusting certain types of medications for patients.

Cancer Survivors’ Celebration

Each year, Fox Chase celebrates cancer survivorship with our annual Cancer Survivors’ Celebration.  Traditionally held in the fall, it is a time when survivors from all types of cancer and in all stages of disease and treatment get together to celebrate life.  Each year our celebration has a different theme and activity, from concerts to mural painting to football tailgating.  We also present the CHASE (courage, heart, advocacy, service, education) Award to individuals and organizations who strongly advocate for cancer survivors.  Look for our Annual Celebration on our website!


If you have any questions about your care, ask your doctor or the APC involved in your treatment, or call 1-888-FOX CHASE (1-888-369-2427).

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