Survivorship Care

Who provides Survivorship Care at Fox Chase?

Survivorship care may be provided by a number of healthcare providers on your treatment team.  Your doctors may continue to provide your care during your survivorship phase.  In addition, Physicians Assistants or Nurse Practitioners with expertise in specific cancer types provide care and work closely with your doctors and nurses. They are able to do physical exams, diagnose and treat illness, order tests, write prescriptions and make referrals. For some survivors with certain types of cancers, a separate survivorship clinic staffed by trained physician assistants or nurse practitioners, under the supervision of our cancer-specific doctor staff, has been established to focus specifically on your needs.  Other survivors will have their survivorship care performed as part of their routine clinic visit.

When does Survivorship Care begin?

Survivorship care begins at the time of your cancer diagnosis and continues throughout the rest of your life. However, for most survivors, survivorship-oriented care begins in earnest after you complete your cancer treatment.  Much of the care you receive will be done during your routine clinic visit.  Referral to cancer-specific survivorship clinics may begin approximately two years from the end of your treatment, depending on availability.   

What is a Survivorship Care Plan?

A survivorship care plan is a summary of the treatment you received for your cancer and a plan for your post-treatment follow-up and health.  The care plan may include a list of the doctors who treated you; a summary of any surgeries, radiation treatment, and/or chemotherapy treatment you received; an outline of your cancer follow-up plan including any recommended surveillance testing; recommendations for wellness including lifestyle behaviors like nutrition and exercise; and gender-specific cancer screening recommendations.  The care plan will be developed by your treatment team and given to you within a year of completion of your cancer therapy.  You can keep your care plan for your reference or share with your other non-cancer doctors so that you and your healthcare providers understand what is recommended for your survivorship care.

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