Staff Chaplain Alex Hud

Alexander HudAlexander Hud
Staff Chaplain

Phone: 215-728-2944

I believe that Pastoral Care is a ministry of presence that is more about "being" rather than "doing". In my experience of providing spiritual support to patients, families and staff at Fox Chase Cancer, I have learned that initially, it is very important to relate to them on a human level. In doing so, they feel more comfortable relating to me first as a person and then a hospital chaplain.

Over the years, I have found that my approach of unconditional acceptance often opens the door to an in-depth spiritual encounter, based on affirmation and trust. At times, I meet patients who feel a sense of isolation and abandonement due to suffering. It is personally very rewarding for me to support them in sustaining their hope and reassuring them that they are never alone.

Since I began my work at Fox Chase in 1997 I have gained so much from being with patients at the bedside. I am deeply moved witnessing such inner strength and resilience in patients as they draw from their spirituality and personal faith. It is indeed a privilege for me to serve them on their personal and sacred spiritual journey.

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