Robert Carlson, MD

Clinical Locations

Primary Location

Fox Chase Cancer Center
333 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111


Attending Physician

Breast Cancer TRDG Member


Robert W. Carlson, MD, is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®). More at

Education, Training & Credentials

Educational Background

  • Fellow, Medical Oncology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1981-1983 
  • Senior Assistant Resident, General Internal Medicine, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1980 - 1981
  • Junior Assistant Resident, General Internal Medicine, Barnes Hospital Group, St. Louis, MO, 1979-1980 
  • MD, Stanford University Medical School, Stanford, California, 1978 

Honors & Awards

  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network Achievement Award, March 2000
  • Selected by America’s Top Doctors, 2001 – 2012
  • Best Doctors in America®, Best Doctors Inc , 2014
  • Breast Health Global Initiative, Founding Collaborator Award, 2010
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network, Roger J. Winn, M.D. Award, 2010
  • National Physician of the Year for Clinical Excellence, 2008, Castle-Connolly Medical LTD
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network, Special recognition and Appointment to the NCCN Board of Producers, 2004
  • Selected by Best Doctors in America, 1994–2011;



Selected Publications

Carlson RW, Wada HG, Sussman HH: The plasma membrane of human placenta:isolation of microvillus membrane and characterization of protein and glycoprotein subunits. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 251:4139-4146, 1976.  PubMed

Carlson RW, Sikic BI, Turbow MM, Ballon SC: Combination cisplatin, vinblastine and bleomycin chemotherapy (PVB) for malignant germ cell tumors of the ovary. J Clin Oncol 1(10):645-651, 1983.   PubMed

Bischoff MB, Shortliffe EH, Scott AC, Carlson RW, Jacobs CD: Integration of a computer-based consultant into the clinical setting. Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care, IEEE Press, Baltimore, MD, pp 149-152, 1983. PubMed

Picozzi VJ, Sikic BI, Carlson RW, Koretz M, Ballon SC: Bleomycin, mitomycin C and cisplatin therapy for advanced squamous carcinoma of the uterine cervix. A phase II study of the Northern California Oncology Group. Cancer Treat Rep 69(7-8):903-905, 1985.  PubMed

Kent DL, Shortliffe EH, Carlson RW, Bischoff MB, Jacobs CD: Improvements in data collection through physician use of a computer-based chemotherapy treatment consultant. J Clin Oncol 3(10):1409-1417, 1985.  PubMed

Carlson RW, Billingham ME, Kohler M, Johnson FD, Doroshow JH, Torti FM: Esorubicin in refractory metastatic carcinoma of the breast: A Northern California Oncology Group study. Cancer Treat Rep 71(4):427-428, 1987. PubMed 

Hancock SL, Goffinet DR, Carlson RW, Mark JBD: Esophageal cancer: Modest benefits from combined modality therapy. Radiology 164:603-606, 1987. PubMed

Carlson RW, Williams RD, Billingham ME, Kohler M, Torti FM: Phase II trial of Esorubicin in the treatment of metastatic carcinoma of the kidney: A study of the Northern California Oncology Group. Cancer Treat Rep 71(7-8):767-768, July/August   1987. PubMed

Tan Yew-OO, Hendrickson C, McWhirter K, Kohler M, Hannigan JF, Carlson RW: A phase II evaluation of oral medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) in advanced breast cancer: A Northern California Oncology Group study. Cancer Treat Rep 71(10):969- 970, October 1987. PubMed

Hu E, Stockdale FE, Turner B, Carlson RW, Levine J, Kushlan P: Combined modality therapy of locally advanced breast cancer. Anticancer Research 733-736, 1987.  PubMed