Illumina Next Gen Sequencing

Director:   Joseph R. Testa, PhD, FACMG
Yinfei Tan, PhD, Manager
Location & Phone P3016
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Contact Yinfei Tan for pricing and scheduling.


The Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) Unit provides Fox Chase Cancer Center members NGS solutions for cancer research. The unit operates an Illumina HiSeq2500 sequencer which can perform a full line of high throughput sequencing applications, and can generate 120GB in one day with rapid mode. We currently offer Whole transcriptome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing, ChIP-seq, Methylome-seq etc.

Two types of services are offered to Cancer Center members: full service and customer service. Full service includes sample preparation, library constrction and deep sequencing process, as well as data analysis, all performed by a facility technician. The customer service helps investigators perform their own process using facility equipment and reagents under the guidance of the facility specialist. The purpose of this service is to facilitate postdoctoral fellows' learning and mastering of modern genomic approaches for cancer research. A centralized data management system, CaArray, from the NCI, has been established to ensure precise data archival storage and easy retrieval.

This facility suppports Fox Chase Cancer Center's Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) from the National Cancer Institute.

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