Biosample Repository Facility

Brittaney L. Brown, BA
Hong Wu, PhD, pathologist
Barbara D. Dettore, BSW, Research Study Assistant
Mary Donovan, CTR, Senior Data Manager
Diane Faison, Scientific Tech II
Mary P. Gilroy, AS, Research Study Assistant
Karen Kaputa, MLT/HT, ASCP, Staff Tech/Tumor Bank Manager
Alexis Koemm, BS, Scientific Tech II
Chao Wu, MS, Tech Specialist
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CPP 2025 and C413
1-888-831-6466, 215-214-1652 (recruitment)
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The Biosample Repository Facility (BRF) coordinates the ethical collection, storage, annotation and distribution of human biosamples and associated comprehensive patient and family cancer history data, clinical interventions and lifestyle factors under an Institutional Review Board-approved protocol. We adhere to the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories and National Cancer Institute Best Practices for Biospecimen Resources and participate in the NCI Office of Biorepositories and Biospecimen Resources and Biospecimen Research Network. BRF expediates bidirectional flow from lab bench to clinic, and stimulates translational research associated with clinical trials and basic research. We provide tissue-based research services—including tissue microarray construction and immunohistochemistry, automated tissue image analysis and electrochemiluminescent enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay-based biomarker analysis—to support translational and basic research.

Access to biosamples for research

Fox Chase Cancer Center's Biosample Repository makes blood specimens—including whole blood, plasma, leukocytes, lymphoblastoid cell lines and DNA isolated from leukocytes—and tissues—such as fresh frozen tissue, fixed paraffin embedded tissue, multi-tissue microarrays and tumor DNAs—collected by our facility available for research. Requests for blood and tissue are reviewed by a panel of scientists and ranked. Priority is given to those investigators with current NIGH/NCI funding, but will be made available as recommended by the advisory committee.

Biosample Inventory Lists

Below is the necessary form to complete for requesting samples. Please complete and return to Brittaney Brown, BRF manager, at or Feel free to call us at 215-214-1633 with any questions.

BRF Tissue Request Form (login required)

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