Histopathology Services and Equipment


  • Tissue processing/paraffin blocks and sections

Preparation of histological sections from tissues provided by investigators

  • Tissue sectioning from frozen blocks

Preparation of histological cryosections from animal tissues provided by investigators

  • Tissue section staining

H & E and other classical histological techniques for microscopic evaluation of tissues and cells

  • Immunohistochemistry

Detection of cancer-related proteins in tissue sections

  • Interpretative pathology

Facility pathologists to read slides and report on abnormalities found when requested

  • Histopathology reports

Web-based database with all cases signed out by facility director

  • Digital photography

Facility pathologists to document microscopic findings when requested

  • Image Analysis

Advanced computer-assisted image analyzers that permit morphometric and densitometric analysis of tissue components and IHC reactions


  • Cryomicrotome

Frozen sections for IHC or IF

  • Photomicroscope

Digital photography for presentations and publications

  • Microscope Scanner (Aperio CS)

For storing large images, telepathology and image analysis

  • ACIS II and AQUA

Image analysis equipment to quantify IHC stains

This facility suppports Fox Chase Cancer Center's Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) from the National Cancer Institute.