Cell Biology Facilities

The facilities and resources have been structured to fulfill the needs of the multidisciplinary research programs at Fox Chase Cancer Center. They have been designed to enhance ongoing research by supplying information, reagents and technical expertise that are not readily available to the individual investigator.

Biological Imaging Facilities

These facilities provide three separate services to users. Each provides state-of-the-art technologies and technical expertise to assist end users with diverse research needs.

This hands-on facility allows users to examine specimens with high resolution fluorescence, phase and DIC microscopy. Equipment includes high resolution epifluorescence and multi-wavelength spectral confocal microscopes.

The Small Animal Imaging component of the Bio-imaging Facility gives investigators access to systems for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), bioluminescence imaging (BLI) and endoscopic examinations. MRI provides users with the capability of non-invasive measurements of tumor volume, while more sophisticated experiments involve measurements of tumor perfusion based on contrast agent kinetics. BLI is performed on tumor-bearing animals that have been transfected with luciferase (firefly or renilla) or a fluorescent protein. Up to five mice can be imaged simultaneously in our BLI system in order to detect tumors and follow tumor growth with high throughput. Finally, tumors in the mouse colon can be imaged directly with a unique endoscopy system.

Cell Culture Facility*

The Cell Culture Facility provides reagents, equipment, technical expertise, consultation and training to support mammalian cell culture efforts at Fox Chase. These services include:

  • Basic cell culture support
  • Cell propagation
  • Establishment of 3D organoid cultures from primary tissues and tumors
  • Generation of culture supernatants
  • Hybridoma production to generate monoclonal antibodies
  • Development of gene-manipulated mouse embryonic stem cells
  • Establishment of primary cultures from human and animal tissue samples
  • Cell transformation, cell banking and screening for detecting mycoplasma contamination in cultured cells
  • Cell validation support
  • Preparation of sterile growth media and reagents
  • Consultation to assist in experimental design
  • Use of sterile workstations for investigators who do not have facilities of their own

Cell Sorting Facility*

The Cell Sorting Facility offers Fox Chase investigators the capability of analyzing cells by 14 independent measurements, 12 of which are based on fluorescence and two on light scatter.

Glasswashing Facility

The Glasswashing Facility collects, washes, dries and sterilizes glassware owned by individual laboratories at Fox Chase. The service is provided according to a prearranged schedule based upon each laboratory's needs. The glassware is returned the same day if it is picked up before noon. In the event of a critical need for glasswashing services, the facility is capable of processing an investigator's request.

Histopathology Facility*

The Histopathology Facility's pathologists and technicians provide Cancer Center members with technical processing of cells and tissues and interpretation of microscopic results.

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