DNA Sequencing Facility

Director:Richard R. Hardy, PhD
Contact:Richard R. Hardy, PhD
& Phone
Reimann R382


The DNA Sequencing Facility (DSF) provides Fox Chase investigators with computer-readable sequences of their DNA templates in a timely and cost-effective manner.  The facility utilizes an ABI 3130xl capillary genetic analyzer and performs taq cycle sequencing reactions in 96-well plates with user-supplied templates, routinely generating sequences of 700-800 bases, with an average of 1-2% ambiguities.  Up to two 96-well plates can be loaded on the 3130 for an overnight run. The Facility provides sequencing primers for all routine vectors.  Investigators are provided with a printout of their sequence, including electropherogram traces. Additionally, sequence files are available from a networked file server, so that investigators can re-analyze their data on local computers in their laboratories and import the sequence data into software of their choosing for further analysis. DSF routinely processes over 1,000 samples per month.


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