Biotechnology Facilities

The facilities and resources have been structured to fulfill the needs of the multi-disciplinary research programs at Fox Chase Cancer Center. These centers have been designed to enhance ongoing research by supplying information, reagents and technical expertise that are not readily available to the individual investigator.

High Throughput Screening*

This facility provides support to investigators to pursue translational research projects by offering assay services and high throughput screening instrumentation and reagents.  The facility provides support for assay development, screen execution and secondary screening assays.

Molecular Modeling*

The Molecular Modeling Facility provides state-of-the-art services in protein sequence analysis and structure prediction to Fox Chase investigators. These services include database search; multiple sequence alignment; phylogenetic trees; secondary structure prediction; transmembrane, coiled-coil and disordered region prediction; homology modeling of single proteins and complexes; protein-protein and protein-ligand docking; and ligand design.

Organic Synthesis

The Organic Synthesis Facility provides custom organic synthesis of novel and commercially unavailable molecules. In addition, the Facility provides analytical, purification and chemical consulting services. Waters LC-MS chromatography systems can analyze and purify compounds up to 2000 MW. The CombiFlash Rf+ system automates normal phase silica or reverse phase C18 separations and purifications. In addition, the Facility has access to a Bruker Avance 600 NMR spectrometer for 13C, 31P and 1H analyses.

Spectroscopy Support

The primary functions of the Spectroscopy Support Facility are to maintain and operate instrumentation for high-field NMR and optical (fluorescence and circular dichroism) spectroscopy, to implement and develop methods for biomolecular studies, and to provide technical expertise and assistance to users.

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