Laboratory Animal Husbandry Facility

Director:   Christin Veeder, MLAS, VMD, DACLAM
Administrative Manager / Contact: Annmarie T. Pimble, AS
Reimann R271
Technical Services Supervisor: Mark A. Tigue, BS, RLATG
Technical Services Supervisor, LAF
Location & Phone Reimann R271
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The Laboratory Animal Husbandry Facility provides all basic animal husbandry. The facility maintains centralized foundation breeding colonies, supported by the Core Grant, and production colonies of selected strains of mice for use by all Fox Chase investigators. The centralized laboratory consists of two animal facilities located on the Center campus. The Research Animal Facility contains animal space distributed over three floors. The first floor is devoted to support services, including cage washing, while the remaining two floors are used to house research animals.

The third floor of this building and the third floor of the adjoining barrier building contain the SPF Research Barrier Facility containing a total of 23 animal rooms. All immunodeficient, transgenic, and most other lines of mice involved in research protocols are housed, using microisolator and ventilated caging technology, in this barrier facility. Animals entering the Research Barrier come from either the SPF Breeding Barrier or are rederived, by cesarean section or embryo transfer, from animals in quarantine. All caging and other materials are transported from the second floor cage washing area to the third floor, autoclaved directly on the transport racks and used within the barrier animal rooms. The fourth floor of the Animal Husbandry Facility contains conventionally-housed mice, rats, rabbits and frogs. The basement of the facility contains a suite of rooms for housing woodchucks and Pekin ducks.

This facility suppports Fox Chase Cancer Center's Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) from the National Cancer Institute.

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