Irradiation Facility

  The facility is managed by the Radiation Safety Office.
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Reimann R314 & R446
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The Irradiation Facility enables Fox Chase Cancer Center investigators to accurately expose chemical and biological specimens to ionizing gamma rays. The gamma irradiators are used to:

  • Irradiate molecules in solution, cell cultures, rodent tumors and/or rodents for studies of radiobiologic mechanisms
  • Suppress immune responses in experimental animals
  • Sterilize various cell, vaccine and drug preparations

The facility staff is available to Cancer Center investigators for:

  • Planning radiation experiments
  • Assisting those who are infrequent users of irradiators
  • Training individuals to be qualified users of specific equipment in accordance with PA-DEP and other safety regulations
  • Making dosimetry measurements


The Irradiation Facility operates two different irradiators sited at two separate locations that are optimal for their experimental usage. One self-shielded irradiator is used mainly to suppress the immune response of small animals by whole body irradiation. The other irradiator is a panoramic irradiator that can be operated to produce either vertical or horizontal beams of gamma rays at high intensity within a shielded experimental room. Various dose rates can be achieved by the use of attenuation and positioning experiments at various distances from the source.