Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

2019 Summer Research Fellows. (Center: Professor Eileen Jaffe, program director.)
2019 Summer Research Fellows. (Center: Professor Eileen Jaffe, program director.)

Fox Chase Cancer Center continues to mentor undergraduates from diverse colleges and universities by engaging them in summer research projects.

Since the early 1990s, Eileen Jaffe, PhD, has overseen a competitive undergraduate summer research fellowship program, which recently has funded ~5 fellows per summer. Although Fox Chase is currently seeking sponsorship to enlarge this effective program, there is a continuing institutional commitment. The current stipend is set at $4,500 for 10 weeks of full-time research.

This is a nomination program.

Fox Chase faculty who will serve as research mentors for undergraduates can nominate students for the program.

Students who are interested in the program must first make arrangements with a faculty member to be nominated. Students who have not arranged for a Fox Chase faculty mentor are not eligible. See below for details.

In any one year, any given student can be nominated by only one faculty member, and any given faculty member can nominate only one student for a fellowship.

The annual deadline for submitting nominations is 5 pm on April 1.

Who is eligible?

Eligible nominees must be UNDERGRADUATES. Entering freshman can compete. Spring graduates who will be matriculating into graduate or medical school in the fall are also eligible.

Eligible nominees must be available for 10 full weeks. These do not have to be consecutive weeks.

Previous Fox Chase Undergraduate Summer Fellows are not eligible to be nominated for a second year of support from this program.

​How is a nomination made?

Nominations can be made by staff scientists, assistant research professors, research professors, assistant professors, associate professors and professors.

There are no forms to fill out. A nomination package consists of the following items:

  • A CV or resume describing the student, usually provided by the student
  • A brief (one page) description of the research project prepared by the mentor, clearly noting the role of the student in the project and the educational benefit this program provides
  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation (no more than two) from teachers, professors or previous research advisors

How do the students and the faculty find each other?

Usually the students find the faculty. Fox Chase looks for students with sufficient motivation to actively seek summer research opportunities. The student should start with our list of participating faculty members or by looking over the research programs. The student should contact one or more faculty members (located on the Fox Chase Campus) about summer research possibilities. The student may be asked to interview at Fox Chase (or remotely. It is reasonable for the student to interview in more than one lab.

How are the awards decided?

The committee that ranks the awards is comprised of several faculty representing the breadth of research carried out at Fox Chase. All components of the nomination package are weighed in the evaluation process. Awards are usually made by mid-April.

Other Programs

There are alternatives for undergraduate students to be involved in summer research. The student can volunteer or be hired as a summer assistant. Students are highly encouraged to review the research areas and contact faculty whose research interests them. In general, students are more successful at finding positions by contacting faculty directly. Some students do, however, gain summer laboratory opportunities through the volunteer office or through human resources. The sidebar to this page includes information on additional undergraduate research opportunities through collaboration with Temple University, University of Delaware, and Hunter College.

Contact Information

Eileen Jaffe, PhD
Program Director