ISP is committed to training diverse students who will become the next generation of cancer researchers. Through partnerships with Esperanza College in Philadelphia and Montgomery County Community College, ISP trains 8th- recent high school graduates, in boot camp laboratory techniques, concepts in cancer biology and nutrition, and presentation skills required of much more senior scientists.

Immersion Science Fly Lab at Esperanza College

Modeled on the 11-week ISP course, Fly Lab brings STEM to life for the Hispanic community and beyond.  

Immersion Essentials

This exposure-to-research camp for 13-15 year olds takes place on the Pottstown and Blue Bell campuses of Montgomery County Community College in July. 

In-Classroom Training Program (C-ISP)

The ISP Teaching Lab is re-created in high school classrooms, and students conduct experiments that complement work necessary for publication of novel findings initiated in the Research Course program. C-ISP is currently hosted at three schools in Philadelphia (Academy at Palumbo, Abraham Lincoln High School, and Nazareth Academy) and at Kingsway Regional High School in New Jersey. C-ISP students participate in a research Symposium at FCCC, providing them the opportunity to contribute to cutting edge cancer research and integrate into the growing ISP community.

The C-ISP program is supported by funding from The Society for Developmental Biology (SDB) and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), as well as through philanthropic support from ISP families and friends.


Esperanza: FlyLab, hosted at Esperanza College in North Philadelphia, serving a primarily Hispanic population. This is a 1-week science experience camp open to all high school and recent high school graduates interested in learning more about laboratory research. Students work collaboratively as they complete bench work boot-camp, have interactive lectures, and learn about fly-eye genetics. The week concludes with students discussing their findings and proposing next steps in the research.

Funding from Esperanza College supports FlyLab @ Esperanza.

IMMERSION ESSENTIALS @ Montgomery County Community College

Immersion Essentials

Immersion Essentials- hosted at the Pottstown and Blue Bell campuses of Montgomery County Community College serving students 13 to 15 years of age. Participants engage in collaborative learning for the week-long science experience camp. In addition to boot camp basics and introduction to bench-work, students hear from speakers in various STEM fields and present their findings during a mini-poster session. (Family and friends are welcome to attend and ask questions about the posters.)


Funding from Montgomery County Community College supports the Immersion Essentials program. The Immersion Science Program/Fox Chase Cancer Center does not accept fees for service.

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