Drexel University College of Medicine Graduate School Alliance

Since 2003, Fox Chase Cancer Center has had an affiliation with Drexel. Many Fox Chase scientists have been appointed to adjunct positions at Drexel. As such, these faculty members participate in all aspects of graduate training at Drexel. This program is administered through the biochemistry department at Drexel, but includes other programs as well, such as molecular pathology, and molecular and cell biology and genetics.

Fox Chase faculty participate in teaching and mentoring Drexel graduate students, and may serve as the dissertation advisor for a PhD thesis. Fox Chase faculty also assist in interviewing prospective graduate students.

Drexel students who wish to carry out their thesis work in a Fox Chase laboratory are bound by the same rules as for Drexel laboratories. These include the following:

  1. Students must complete all required course work in residence at Drexel.
  2. Rotations at Fox Chase require notification of program directors and the Fox Chase Cancer Center Volunteer Office; rotations involve a minimum of 20 hours of mentored laboratory work per week during classes, and full time when classes are not in session.
  3. Students who choose a dissertation advisor at Fox Chase will need to successfully complete all degree requirements (preliminary summer after year 1; qualifier by the fall of year 2; proposal approval by the fall of year 3) in a timely fashion with mentoring provided according to program guidelines. Note that some of these dates may be slightly off and/or may vary between programs.
  4. The students must maintain ongoing enrollment and participation in program-specific journal clubs and seminars throughout graduate school.
  5. Bi-annual dissertation committee meetings are required.

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