Small Animal Imaging Facility

Andrey Efimov, PhD
[email protected]
Reimann R464
Location & Phone Reimann R464
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The Small Animal Imaging component of the Bio-imaging Facility gives investigators access to systems for magnetic resonance imaging, bioluminescence imaging and endoscopic examinations. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is offered for non-invasive imaging of small animals (primarily mice). MRI provides superb anatomical definition and resolution, allowing users to detect tumors and monitor the growth of tumors at internal organ sites.

The same system is also available for NMR analysis of small organic compounds and heteronuclear experiments on isotopically labeled enzymes. Whole animal bioluminescence imaging is performed on tumor bearing animals that have been transfected with luciferase (firefly or renilla) or a fluorescent protein. Up to five mice can be imaged simultaneously in order to detect tumors and follow tumor growth. Fluorescence molecular tomography permits the detection and quantitative determination of fluorescent probes in three dimensions. The facility has developed in-house expertise with endoscopic approaches to imaging, which is primarily used to perform colonoscopies on mice. The small animal imaging facility also provides support for the analysis of fMRI data sets obtained on its human clinical scanner for human behavioral experiments.

  • Endoscopic imaging of polyps in the mouse colon (Clapper Lab)

  • Fused fluorescence and MRI data sets in spontaneous ovarian tumors, with our FMT and MRI instruments. (Connolly Lab)

  • In-vivo detection of luciferase in tumor cells in the mouse prostate, made with the IVIS spectrum

  • FDG PET/CT imaging of a lung tumor in a LSL-KrasG12D/Tp53f/f mouse model of lung cancer (Clapper lab)

  • Golemis lab (MT). (Connected thresholding of airspace in the mouse. Kras lung model imaged with the Sofie G8 CT. Shown is segmented airspace measured with a connected threshold method.