Grand View Hospital



Grand View Regional Cancer Center is a leader in cancer care for Upper Bucks and northeastern Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. Grand View offers a multidisciplinary team approach to care, including oncologists/hematologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists. Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, Grand View offers patients access to research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

As a select Fox Chase Cancer Center Partner, Grand View offers patients:

Superior care, close to home.

As a Fox Chase Cancer Center partner, we’re bringing patients in our own community the latest advances in cancer treatment. Our physicians work seamlessly with physicians at Fox Chase to deliver high-quality care to patients, with the goal of reaching the best possible outcome.

Access to new treatments and research.

Fox Chase Cancer Center’s extensive research capabilities provide Grand View physicians with access to cutting-edge procedures and protocols.

Access to clinical trials.

As a Fox Chase Cancer Center partner, Grand View can provide patients in our community access to clinical trials and research programs sponsored through Fox Chase. At any given time, hundreds of trials are taking place at Fox Chase.

Continuing education and training opportunities.

Professional development opportunities for our physicians, nurses and other health professionals help us to ensure a high-caliber cancer program right in our own community.

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