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"I knew that Fox Chase had an excellent reputation."

— Tim Leedy

Nobody had to convince Tim Leedy that it was important to get his PSA tested regularly. His father died of prostate cancer, so there was a family history of the disease. Fortunately, Tim had many more options than his father had when his PSA levels spiked in May 2010, and a biopsy revealed that 59-year old Tim also had prostate cancer.

The good news was that Tim's cancer was caught in its early stages. His family doctor, who had done a rotation at Fox Chase Cancer Center, suggested Tim see a specialist there. "I'd done some research on robotic surgery, and I knew that Fox Chase had an excellent reputation," said Tim, who lives almost 2 hours from Fox Chase..

He was referred to Alexander Kutikov MD, a urologic surgeon who specializes in prostate cancer at Fox Chase. "The man is excellent," said Tim, a professional news photographer. "My wife and I went together, and from the beginning, Dr. K was incredibly professional. I'd gone online and done my research on the hospital and on Dr. Kutikov, and I knew I'd made the right choice. He made me feel reassured about my prognosis."

After reviewing all of Tim's tests, and ordering a few more, Dr, Kutikov said he was an excellent candidate for a robotic prostatectomy. "He went through all the options with us, best case, worst case. He told us everything we could expect and was extremely thorough. I knew that robotic surgery was my best option."

Tim had the surgery in August 2010. "Everybody at Fox Chase was terrific and really took good care of me." So far, all his follow up tests have shown him to be cancer-free.

Today, Tim reports that he feels great. "There are just little marks from the surgery. I didn't have any problems at all."

And he's already recommended Fox Chase to friends with the same diagnosis. "I hadn't really had any experience with hospitals, except seeing them on TV. I didn't expect people to be so nice, and to be treated that well. Dr. Kutikov gave me the best outcome I could hope for."

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