Karen Lucas: Living a Healthy Life After Treatment for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

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“I can’t say enough nice things about Dr. John Daly.”

— Karen Lucas

For more than 20 years, I had been diligent about getting annual mammograms, as well as yearly visits to my OB/GYN. At 65 years old, during a routine mammogram in August 2012, my test showed calcification in both my breasts.

Circle of Friends

Although I was not scheduled to have a follow-up mammogram for six months, in January 2013, I decided to have another mammogram prior. Following the test at a local radiology site, my primary care physician called to inform me that I should undergo a biopsy with a local surgeon. The surgeon recommended surgery and offered to perform the procedure at my local hospital in Gloucester County, NJ. I immediately started to research the best cancer treatment centers as I did not want to have surgery in the hospital he recommended.

I turned to my circle of friends for answers.

My friend and lawyer told me about an oncologist friend of his who recommended I go to Fox Chase Cancer Center. That friend knew Dr. Lori Goldstein, a medical oncologist at Fox Chase.

Impressive Credentials

I called Fox Chase Cancer Center and my first contact was with the nurse navigator who asked to see my medical records. The staff at Fox Chase called me the next day and scheduled an appointment for the following Monday. After meeting with the doctors, I was informed that I would need a biopsy which they did that very afternoon.

I was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer known as invasive ductal carcinoma, or IDC, at an early stage. Dr. Goldstein was very compassionate and knowledgeable.  

With an immediate comfort level at Fox Chase, I began to search the website for surgical oncologists. I selected Dr. John Daly to perform my surgery because I was so impressed by his credentials and immediately felt confident I would receive the best medical care with him. Meeting Dr. Daly for the first time reassured me that I was in good hands and I trusted every word he said. He had a warm and caring demeanor which reduced my fears of having surgery. I was relieved when Dr. Daly explained the entire process and he made me feel more relaxed and optimistic of the outcome.

Team Work

Within the month, Dr. Daly performed a lumpectomy. He referred to me to Dr. Penny Anderson, a radiation oncologist at Fox Chase, for follow-up treatment. After recovering from surgery, Dr. Anderson started me on a six week course of radiation therapy.

I appreciated the way my team worked together so quickly. Time is critical with a cancer diagnosis and the team of Fox Chase doctors scheduled the surgery quickly so I did not have to wait and become anxious about the cancer spreading.

Professional Treatment

My team of Fox Chase doctors is excellent and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Daly. He is always nice and patient and he answers all your questions and never rushes patients. Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Anderson were both amazing and I am forever grateful to every employee with whom I had the pleasure to meet.

I recommend Fox Chase to anyone who is diagnosed with cancer as they will receive the most professional treatment from doctors who have been trained in the best hospitals in the country. It is a cancer center as well as a teaching hospital, therefore, Fox Chase has the foremost treatments and clinical trials of any hospital in the United States. I want others to know about Fox Chase so that they or their loved ones might also make the decision to get their treatment at one of the leading hospitals in the region and country.

Healthy Life

I am feeling great! I am enjoying my work and my healthy life. As a college administrator, I have quite a rewarding job. In my free time I stay active swimming, boating/sailing, biking, dancing, and most of all traveling. I feel confident that my quality of life and health is because of the exceptional care I received from my team at Fox Chase.

I want to thank everyone connected with my care. Fox Chase staff are always so compassionate and friendly and it is a pleasure to be helped by people who really care about the patients.

Learn more about breast cancer treatment at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

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