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“Dr. Reddy is so wonderful and kind.”

— Judith Ingraham, Sarcoma Survivor

I have been through quite a journey, which has been terrifying but rewarding. Along the way, I have met many people who have cancer and, like them, I am determined to beat it. I have great faith that has pulled me through the hardest times.

I was 58 years old in November 2014 when I first realized that something was wrong. I had noticed a small lump on the lower part of my left leg near the ankle. My primary care doctor sent me for an ultrasound and MRI, but the results were inconclusive. I then got a second opinion and an X-ray. That doctor told me to leave the lump alone unless it grew larger, and he insisted that it could never be cancer.

When the lump continued to grow, I decided to consult a surgeon at the community hospital where I was working. The surgeon removed the lump, and 10 days later informed me that I had a rare cancer called synovial soft tissue sarcoma, which is located in the tissues surrounding joints. It was devastating news.

Fortunately, the surgeon referred me to Fox Chase Cancer Center for treatment, where I met within a couple of days with Dr. Sanjay S. Reddy, a surgical oncologist. He was so wonderful and kind. He scheduled my surgery for December 2014, and he explained that he would remove a larger portion of the area on my leg. I also consulted with a plastic surgeon at Fox Chase, who would perform my reconstructive surgery. He was wonderful, and I felt confident with both him and Dr. Reddy.

I underwent the procedure, a scary yet hopeful time for me. I received great care during and after. Post-surgery and when my leg healed, I received radiation therapy from Dr. Penny R. Anderson, a radiation oncologist, who is an amazing and compassionate physician.

Throughout it all, I was supported by my children, my grandchildren, and my awesome husband of 37 years. My favorite thing to do is spending time with my kids and grandchildren. Today I am feeling well, and I hope that by sharing my story I can help others. I encourage people to be aware of any changes in their body and not to wait, but to get to a doctor. If you are not satisfied with that doctor, get a second opinion.

I recommend Fox Chase to anyone who needs great care. I am so happy I was referred to Fox Chase where I have been blessed with my doctors and all of the Fox Chase employees I have met during this journey.

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