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"It is a nice feeling knowing that there are dedicated professionals who are focused on patient care."

— Janet Blair

I was 62 years old in January 2014 when a routine mammogram detected a cluster of calcifications in my left breast. Further testing showed that I had stage 3 breast cancer. I was scared and knew I needed to make some decisions.

I decided to call Fox Chase Cancer Center because I knew one of my relatives had been successfully treated there. A nurse navigator referred me to Dr. John M. Daly, a surgical oncologist at Fox Chase who specializes in breast cancer surgery. I researched his credentials and read his online reviews. All were exceptional.

Contained Cancer

My husband, Del, and I met with Dr. Daly within a few days. From the first moment, we knew he was knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough. He explained the diagnosis and recommended a treatment plan. We didn’t feel rushed during the appointment, and he put me at ease.

Dr. Daly recommended that I have a lumpectomy rather than a mastectomy because the cancer was contained. I was able to go home the same day as the procedure. On Dr. Daly’s recommendation, I received radiation therapy five days a week for seven weeks from a radiation oncologist at a Fox Chase affiliate near my home in South Jersey, a convenience that made it a bit easier on my family.  Just knowing that Dr. Daly cared about me in a way that went above and beyond was a blessing.

I continued to travel to fox Chase for follow-up appointments with Dr. Daly. Over the next year and a half, my stamina slowed down a bit, but life began returning to normal.

Outpatient Procedure

In September 2015, I noticed a lump the size of a small egg between my shoulder blades. Once you have had cancer, you don’t take things like that lightly, so I knew I needed to see a surgeon. I also knew I needed to be selective about which surgeon because the lump was near my spine.

I called Dr. Daly’s office and explained my situation. He recommended Dr. Sanjay S. Reddy a surgical oncologist at Fox Chase, and I quickly made an appointment with him. At my first appointment with Dr. Reddy, he was professional, kind, and thorough. He always greeted me with a nice smile and a handshake, and he is the type of doctor you wish every doctor could be.

Dr. Reddy diagnosed the mass near my spine as a lipoma, a fatty lump that is usually located between the skin and the underlying layer of muscle. I am petite and the lump was getting larger. It was tender and painful when I reclined, so I was unable to lie on my back. I needed it to be surgically removed.

This second outpatient procedure at Fox Chase was also successful. Dr. Reddy removed the lipoma and I had no complications. It healed wonderfully and, thankfully, was not cancerous.

Beyond Patient Care

I am very grateful for my health and for my successful experiences at Fox Chase. Everyone at Fox Chase —the front desk staff, the nurses, and the doctors—care about the patients. It is a nice feeling knowing that there are dedicated professionals who are focused on patient care.

Now, I am retired after working more than 35 years with children, and I am able to spend my days enjoying my grandchildren. I have Fox Chase to thank. Both Dr. Daly and Dr. Reddy have gone above and beyond to assist me in so many ways. They care about me as an individual, and I do not have the words to express my gratitude. I am happy to be sharing my story in hopes that it may help other people. I highly recommend Fox Chase to anyone facing cancer so that they also can experience a high level of care at a world-class facility.

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